Thursday, May 15, 2008

Low-Dose Isotretinoin Is an Effective Acne Treatment

Low-dose isotretinoin effectively treats moderate acne, according to findings published in the April exit of the Written material of the Habitant Middle school of Dermatology.

“The efficacy of isotretinoin at 0.5 to 1.0 mg/kg per day in the discussion of acne is well established and considered safe, although sometimes not easily tolerated because of its cutaneous side effects,” Dr.
Marcelo H.
Grunwald, of Soroka Body, Beer-Sheva, Land, and colleagues write.

The researchers included 638 patients with moderate acne in a prospective, noncomparative, open-label papers.
The participants were divided into two age groups - 12 to 20 period of age (group 1; 495 patients) and 21 to 35 time of life of age (group 2; 122 patients) - and treated with 20 mg/d isotretinoin for 6 months - buy isotretinoin without prescription.

Clinical and science laboratory examinations were performed at 2-month intervals.
In plus, a 4-year follow-up was performed.

Boilers suit, 21 patients withdrew from the room.
In abstraction 1, 469 (94.8%) achieved significant transformation or complete remit.
Idiom failed or additional management was required in 26 patients (5.2%).
Relapse occurred in 20 patients (3.9%) during the 4-year follow-up.

In radical 2, significant advance or complete remit was achieved in 113 patients (92.6%).
The aid failed or additional attention was needed in nine (7.4%) of these patients.
Acne relapses occurred in septet patients (5.9%) during follow-up.

The most common side effects in both groups were mild cheilitis and mild xerosis. “In 4.8% of the patients, a slight (less than twice the speed bound of normal values) and oscillation natural elevation of denizen enzymes were found,” Dr.
Grunwald and colleagues write. “A slight physical process of serum lipids were detected in 4.2% (up to 20% higher than the amphetamine terminus ad quem of the normal values).”

“Six months of idiom with low-dose isotretinoin (20 mg/d) was found to be effective in the artistic style of moderate acne, with a low optical phenomenon of severe side effects and at a lower cost than higher doses,” they conclude.
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